Every volunteer’s in Zanzibar spends half of his/her day either in the village school or in the Madrasa, at least for now, until we establish our own headquarters. Village school is a place where you can find and meet all children of the village and make certain that they keep you company everywhere in the village.

Education is provided at a foundation school in the center of Stonetown on some days of the week. These children have different beauty; you caress their heads differently because these children are orphans.


Computer-based programs are lifesaving in Africa. When you present them computer environment with the Internet, you do not need to get involved anymore, children can learn very quickly and be incredibly successful in coding, and some of teenagers can even make their livings on the Internet.

Previously, with this intent, we have established a computer classroom in our orphanage; we gave lessons with some of our volunteers there. On the other hand, we are also planning to build up a computer classroom at our headquarters which we are trying to establish in our own village in order to open gates to different worlds for the children and to give them opportunity to feed themselves and their countries with the world’s available resources


Another work carried out in Zanzibar is sewing workshops which we opened for orphaned mothers. Talented mothers who continue and willing to continue their education in these workshops will be our tailor for clothes which we will sell all over the world and their life will become easier for they have a job now. The clothes will be sewed from fabrics called “kanga” which reflects Zanzibar’s culture and will be marketed with its culture to the world.

In this context, a showroom and a café will be opened in Stonetown and the sales we normally intent to make on-line, will begin with the tourists visiting Zanzibar.

All income except the amount for the sustainability of the project will be used for our orphaned mothers and our orphans.